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StackHive 2.3.0 | Release Log 18th May, 2015.

A new day, a new milestone!

We are proud to announce an improved Drag and Drop mechanism and Animations today!

StackHive community plays a big part in deciding the direction of StackHive. We'd like to thank each and everyone of you awesome guys who took time and gave us invaluable feedback. We are constantly listening to your feedback and hope to continue improving StackHive as we go

  1. Improved Feature - Drag and Drop

    After a lot of feedback we were able to fix the Drag and Drop issues. The much more improved drag and drop shows you the context of the parent element, allows you to insert elements. Hovering on an element gives you a list of possible insertion points which comes in handy when working with heavily nested HTML structures.

    Check out the new DnD in action!

  2. New Feature - Animations

    Animations are an integral part of a user's experience and now you can easily create them using StackHive. Give your front-end a pop and make them shine!

    StackHive not only makes it super easy to create and manage animations, but we built a two-way street between the code editor and visual animation panel. You can dive into the code and fiddle around with it if you want as well!

    Check out the Animations in action!

  3. Enhancements

    • Export project bug fixed.
    • Too fast scrollbar bug fixed.
    • Open File Message added when no file is open inside the editor.
    • Live Chat Support added.
    • Sublime Skin for Code Editor.
    • Firefox and Opera Bugs Fixed.
    • StackHive's website improved.

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